Charlie Gedeon
Photo by Darius Soodmand on Unsplash. Masterful digital scribbles by yours truly.

Focus today, grow tomorrow

Avoid chasing every new customer early

A company’s product line can easily become bloated. Without proper discipline it will develop new ideas at the sight of every potential new customer, like a mad teenager picks up instruments to impress each new school crush. As the crush fades, it takes with it the interest in the instrument.

What remains is the heap of accumulated instruments in the bedroom. Eventually when the right customer comes along, the team will realize there is neither cash nor space for a new offering.

It takes a masterful organization to focus on its core product before moving on to new experiments. As a seasoned pianist can pick up new instruments with ease, so to can a focused company expand its portfolio.

My name is Charlie Gedeon. Currently I’m leading growth @dopsAI and running Special Initiatives @d3centre. I work daily with people that build things and reflect on the power of computers to enable our creativity.

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